Bancha Tee

What is Bancha Tea?

Bancha is the one on second most (behind Sencha) drunk green tea in Japan. He is considered classic everyday tea. The harvest takes place later than Sencha, which results in older and coarser leaves. Bancha tea is relative little caffeine, which is why it is often drunk in the evening. In terms of price, it is one cheap alternative zu Sencha oder Gyokuro.



Compared to other green teas, Bancha tea is generally less bitter and has one gentle character. The older leaves from which Bancha tea is made give it a something stronger taste, however, still pleasant and balanced is.



Preparing bancha is similar to preparing other types of green tea. 2g Tee pro 100ml hot water (approx. 90 degrees), Ziehzeit 1-1,5min. Several infusions are possible.



Through his later harvest contains the bancha other ingredients than the young leaves of the early pickings. As already described, the Bancha contains less caffeine. He is on the other side strongly basic and contains a variety of trace elements, minerals and a high one iron content. For It is a relief for the stomach and intestines



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