Matcha broom and Matcha broom holder

Original Japanese Matcha broom including broom holder

Here you will find our handmade and original Japanese Matcha broom, which is called "Chasen" in Japan. It is an indispensable utensil for the preparation of your Matcha tea, because only by whipping the Matcha powder with the Matcha broom made of bamboo can the full taste of the tea develop. In addition, this preparation gives the tea its popular and appealing head.

In order to enjoy your Matcha broom for a long time, we recommend the Matcha broom holder for storing it, which is called "Chasentate" in Japan. The broom holder ensures that the Matcha broom retains its classic shape, that its bristles can dry evenly and that it remains particularly durable.

You will also find a matcha spoon made of bamboo in our range that will help you dose your matcha tea.