Matcha broom, broom holder and spoon

The Matcha Accessories at a glance

For the traditional preparation and the perfect enjoyment of your favorite Matcha Tees, the matching Matcha accessories must of course not be missing. At the center of the Matcha accessory stand next to the matcha shell (Japanese: Chawan), the handmade Matcha Besen (Japanese: Chases), through which the tea gets its foamy creamy consistency and its appealing foam crown. In order for the Matcha broom to retain its shape and not be damaged, it should be on a Matcha Besenhalter (Japanese: Chashaku) are kept as it is well ventilated there and can dry gently after use. Another classic Utensil in the Matcha tea accessories is the Matcha Löffel (Japanese: Chashaku), which is made from bamboo and serves for optimal dosing of the Matcha Tees.