Matcha powder - enjoy an unmistakably pure taste

With Matcha Magic you can easily integrate the superfood Matcha into your everyday life. Discover our exquisite offer now and get to know completely new Matcha compositions. Our matcha powder inspires with quality, extraordinary taste and its quick preparation, with which you can conjure up a matcha tea or a delicious and aromatic matcha latte in everyday life. Simply stir the powder into the frothed milk and enjoy an unmistakable taste.

Unmistakable aroma for every day

You can buy matcha powder from us, which is of the best quality. We only use for our powder Organic Matcha from Japan from the Japanese prefectures of Aichi and Kagoshima. It stands out for its purity and its exceptional aroma, that from strong tart to lovely soft enough. You can not only use our matcha powder to prepare one Matcha teas or Matcha lattes use. Let your creativity run free and mix it under your ice cream or into a cold drink on a hot summer day. Fruit juices or smoothies get a very special taste with the matcha powder.

Subtle sweetness for best enjoyment

In addition to our classic Matcha teas, we also offer Matcha Latte Powder, which we refine with exquisite coconut blossom sugar. This means you can look forward to a slightly pleasant sweetness. The powder provides your body with numerous vitamins and is an important supplier of antioxidants. It is best to enjoy our Matcha powder directly for breakfast in a delicious muesli so that you can start the day well strengthened and full of energy. When you buy matcha powder from us, we guarantee you the highest quality right from the start. Depending on your taste and preparation requirements, we offer you delicious Matcha from 3 categories:

Matcha powder - the Matcha granite stone mill makes the difference

Matcha has been ground on granite stone mills for hundreds of years. In the past, the tencha leaves from which the matcha powder is made were ground on hand-operated mills. Today this is done without exception on electrically powered mills. However, the use of very special types of granite stone for the millstones has remained. This is the only way to prevent the tea leaves from heating up during grinding and thus oxidizing, which would result in a loss of taste and quality. The granite stones grind very slowly and heat up to a maximum of 35 ° C. Through this gentle process can, however only 30g matcha powder in one hour getting produced.

In the following picture you can see a traditional hand mill in which the tea leaves are put in the middle. The Matcha granite stone mill during the grinding process, throws out the fine Matcha powder all around halfway up.

Original Japanese Matcha granite stone mill

Matcha powder from industrial ceramic mills

Nowadays the trade is placing more and more value on inexpensive qualities, which leads some Matcha producers to prefer to grind simple tea qualities on industrial mills with ceramic grinders instead of traditional stone mills. For you as a consumer, such "cheap matchas" are relatively easy to identify: light green to brownish matcha powder usually comes from industrial mills, while deep green matcha powder with an intense tea smell and a particularly high fineness usually comes from high-quality granite stone mills.

While such qualities are not suitable for pure enjoyment, such cheap Matcha qualities are often touted by high-speed industrial mills for the preparation of smoothies or for cooking and baking.

At Matcha Magic, on the other hand, we have specialized in high-quality Matcha, which was produced on original Japanese granite stone mills.