Soothing Matcha Effect: A Super Drink for Every Day

It is very easy to distinguish the Matcha tea from other teas. The bright green drink impresses with its colour from the very beginning. The real strength, however, is the matcha effect that the Japanese appreciated centuries ago. With its valuable ingredients dormant in the ground green tea leaves, it is a true cheerleader and sweetens your start to the day.

High concentration of beneficial ingredients

The beneficial Matcha tea effect is due to the high concentration of ingredients. With the Organic Matcha Tea You do not enjoy a classic infusion, but take the leafy meat of the tea leaves, which is ground on granite stone mills into fine powder. As a result, the valuable ingredients remain in a high concentration. Matcha tea contains a variety of rich antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins. The pleasant matcha effect is also of long duration and lasts several hours.

Connoisseurs love the Matcha effect

The extensive, positive matcha effect has long delighted connoisseurs. In Japan, Matcha has a tradition of more than 800 years and was drunk there by Buddhist monks during meditation. By the way, you can enjoy the pleasant Matcha tea effect in different ways, because the tea is a true thousand-sassa. Try it in biscuits and cakes, mix it in your sodas or use the powder to refine your pasta sauce. You can also round off salads and ice cream with the Matcha powder. You can find many delicious recipe ideas in our blog. You can find the matching matcha in the 3 following categories: