Matcha Magic, the specialist for organic matcha, innovative matcha products and Japanese green tea

At Matcha Magic You will only find hand-picked organic matcha and selected Japanese green teas from the best tea farms in Japan. Only select, excellent teas find their way into our range. To guarantee this, we have been working closely with local organic tea farmers for over 10 years. By importing directly without intermediaries, we can offer the best organic qualities at unbeatable prices.

Our range of offers

In addition to the classic Matcha green tea powder for the tea ceremony or the preparation of food and drinks, we also offer modern Matcha products such as the Matcha Energy Drinkthe Matcha Latte Mix or the Nespresso®-compatible Matcha Caps. You can also find exquisite Japanese green teas here - all of which are organic, without exception! 

This is how quality becomes affordable

Quality has its price. That this one Matcha Magic However, in a direct comparison it is still up to 40% lower because we are the official branch of Matcha Magic Japan, i.e. manufacturers without middlemen. We are proud to be able to pass this price advantage directly on to you!


Our promise of quality

quality and guarantee

Only hand-picked, fresh leaves are used. Plants that are possibly or completely contaminated with allergens, meat, bone and poultry meal or even with genetically manipulated seeds are excluded. Our products are free of additives, chemical flavors or any substances/materials that may be contaminated with bacteria.


Our promise: reliability through commitment from the tea plantation owners. We have 150 tea plantation operators under contract who, with their name, guarantee the quality of the tea plants in over 1,000 plantation zones and the highest possible safety standards in plant protection. Strict requirements for the use of fertilizer as well as the monitoring and coordination of plantation work ensure sustainable control of the entire cultivation well beyond the harvest. This is our biggest advantage - strict control of the tea factories throughout the entire process, from sowing to the end customer/consumer.

quality control

Inspection of the fresh leaves guarantees the highest possible quality. The young tea leaves are picked under the strictest supervision and transported to the next processing station. During production, a seven-stage quality control guarantees the best sheet material. Gentle drying and storage produce the best results. When processing the green tea leaves, a multiple steaming process with 99.9% pure water is carried out in the slow drying process. At the end of this production phase, the leaves are checked again by hand and foreign bodies are electronically identified and filtered out. In our research and development department, the raw materials are finally checked using infrared analysis. Finally, an organoleptic analysis is carried out on each batch.

Japan's most renowned Tencha growing areas

The tea plantations are covered with black nets from both the top and the side during the tea harvesting season. This unique cultivation process makes Matcha so rich and valuable compared to all other teas. One month before harvest, the plants are partially shaded. Shading results in thinner and softer leaves combined with a deep green color, resulting from increased production of  chlorophyll and amino acids by the plant. For the best possible matcha qualities, only the youngest and most tender leaves from the top shoots are harvested.


Our quality promise at a glance

  • Exquisite organic Matcha qualities from controlled organic cultivation
  • Constant laboratory analyzes for absolute food safety
  • Complete traceability, from the tea bush to the end customer
  • Exclusive processing of Japanese organic matcha from Kagoshima and Uji
  • Long-term contracts with local organic tea farmers guarantee sustainable quality
  • Two-stage shading of the tea bushes several weeks before harvest
  • Gentle grinding into the finest powder on granite stone mills (approx. 30g/hour)
  • Further processing and packaging in an IFS-certified company
  • Lowest prices with the best possible quality
  • 100% made in Japan


Our organic certification

More and more tea lovers no longer want to do without the pure, unadulterated taste of high-quality organic teas. We are convinced that organic is not a fad but an expression of a fundamental quality requirement that will become more and more established in the future. That's why all of our products are organic certified.

Organic certification by organic control body: DE-ÖKO-022

 Bio Zertifizierung MatchaMagic