Japanese green tea

With us you will not only find high-quality matcha teas, but also lovingly selected Japanese green tea classics. These exquisite premium green teas come exclusively from Kagoshima, one of the most renowned growing regions in Japan. The volcanic region of Kagoshima has soils that are particularly rich in minerals and nutrients, high-altitude tea gardens and a warm climate. Thanks to the cultivation and careful cultivation, our green teas impress with unique aromas and an unmistakable umami taste.

Japanese green tea

Japanischer Bio Gruentee Sencha in 80g Beutel von Matchamagic Sencha Teeblätter lose
SENCHA TEE 12.90 €
Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan, no wonder with this distinctive aroma. Sencha differs from other green teas in its unique taste. The combination of fresh, grassy and slightly sweet aromas combined with a mild, slightly bitter taste and its unmistakably aromatic scent make it a favorite of many tea lovers. Sencha is also famous for its characteristic umami taste.
-16% Sale
HOJICHA TEA Hojicha Teeblätter lose
HOJICHA TEA 8.40 € 9.90 €
Hojicha, fine roasted aromas with flavor nuances of nuts, caramel and malty sweet aromas. Hojicha tea is an unusual form of green tea because it is not steamed like other green teas, but is carefully and carefully roasted over charcoal in special Hojicha roasters. This results in a fine roasted aroma with flavor nuances of nuts, caramel and malty-sweet aromas. The amber-colored tea also has an aromatic, nutty scent.
-25% Sale
Japanischer Bio Gruentee Bancha in 80g Beutel von Matchamagic Bancha Teeblätter lose
BANCHA TEA 7.50 € 9.90 €
Bancha, the refreshingly mild tea enjoyment with a grassy green tea note. After Sencha, Bancha is the most popular tea among the Japanese. Bancha is an extremely tasty and refreshing tea with a comparatively low caffeine content. Bancha impresses with its special aroma with a very fresh, mild taste, in which the grassy green tea note comes into its own.
Japanischer Bio Gruentee Kukicha in 80g Beutel von Matchamagic Kukicha Teeblätter lose
Kukicha, exceptional aroma from fine leaf stems and leaf ribs. Kukicha is an unusual type of tea because it is not made from tea leaves but from the particularly nutrient-rich leaf stems and leaf ribs of the highest quality green teas (Sencha and Bancha). As a result, Kukicha has less caffeine and bitter substances and a mild, delicate character with slightly sweet, slightly nutty notes and a nice umami taste.
Japanischer Bio Gruentee Genmaicha in 80g Beutel von Matchamagic GenmaichaTeeblätter lose
Genmaicha, the special taste experience made from aromatic bancha and roasted brown rice. This extraordinary type of tea is a creation of high-quality bancha and roasted brown rice. This mixture offers a special taste experience of fresh, mild and slightly grassy bancha aroma, which is refined by the nutty, smoky, slightly malty note of the roasted natural rice.
Japanischer Bio Gruentee Mischung aus Tencha und Matcha in 80g Beutel von Matchamagic Cold Brew (Tencha + Matcha) Teeblätter lose
Cold brew tea, the cold brewed and particularly aromatic refreshment. While iced tea is normally poured with hot water and then cooled down in the refrigerator, cold brew is a traditional Japanese cold brewing method (Mizudashi) with cold water and many hours of exposure time. It is a wonderfully refreshing, highly aromatic tea that provides cool refreshment, especially in the summer months.


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