How it all began...

Our journey began in 2010 with an inspiring documentary about a Californian bar owner who talked about his successful Matcha Café. This encounter sparked the idea of ​​sharing the magic of matcha with the world.

At a time when only a few suppliers dominated the market and end consumer prices for matcha were very high, we took the first step. We were convinced that we could do this, and at moderate end-user prices.
The MatchaMagic brand was born and our passion took us on an exciting journey to Japan. There we established our first partnerships with renowned matcha manufacturers.
With a kilo of matcha powder in hand, we began our mission and proudly developed our first product: The "Pure Nature Matcha Capsules". From that moment on, we were determined to introduce different qualities of Matcha and develop innovative products such as our popular Matcha Energy Drink.

Who we are…


Import, logistics, product development, QM
Fotos Team Matcha Magic 
eCommerce, Sales & Operations
Fotos Team Matcha Magic

What we stand for...

We stand for reliability, respect, politeness, honesty and transparency. These values, which also have a high priority in Japan, form the foundation of our actions. People are at the center of our work, whether they are manufacturers, suppliers, employees, business customers or end users. Our pursuit of high quality, food safety and reliable delivery is reflected in every aspect of our work.


Our goal...

Our goal is to immerse as many people as possible in the fascinating world of Japanese green tea. We want you to be enchanted by its history, cultivation and incomparable taste.
Enter the world of MatchaMagic and let yourself be inspired by the magic of Matcha!