MATCHA CAPS (Nespresso® compatible)

3.85 €
25.67 €/100g inkl. MwSt. | zzgl. Versand

MATCHA CAPS (Nespresso® compatible)

3.85 €
25.67 €/100g inkl. MwSt. | zzgl. Versand

Delicious matcha at the touch of a button. Our organic matcha caps are suitable for all Nespresso®-compatible machines

Each of the 10 Matcha Caps contains 1.5g of pure organic Matcha tea from Japan

Depending on your taste, you can prepare your matcha as Koicha (Espresso Taste) or Usucha (Lungo Taste).

Thanks to its aromatic taste, this matcha is also ideal for matcha lattes

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INGREDIENTS: Pure natural product without any additives. Each of the 10 caps contains only 1.5g of pure shaded and ground Japanese organic matcha

RECYCLEABLE / COMPOSTABLE: Our Sencha and Hojicha Caps are industrially compostable. Our matcha caps are recyclable - but we are currently working on a compostable solution

CERTIFICATION: 100% organic from controlled organic cultivation (EU organic certification by organic control body DE-ÖKO-022 and JAS certified (Organic Ordinance Japan))


Since our founding in 2012, we have placed great emphasis on adhering to Japanese virtues such as respect, politeness, honesty and transparency.

Our high-quality organic green teas come exclusively from the world's best tea growing areas in Japan and are certified according to the EU organic regulation. Our long-standing partnerships in Japan all include renowned and award-winning matcha and tea producers, with whom we maintain intensive personal contact.

Sustainability and the greatest possible transparency about ingredients are important to us. The completely traceable development path from the tea plant to the end consumer underlines the high standards of our company philosophy. Seven-stage quality control and constant laboratory controls guarantee absolute food safety and outstanding quality.


We have not only been experts in hand-picked Japanese organic matcha and exquisite Japanese organic green teas for over 10 years - we are also specialists in innovative, modern matcha products that have already received numerous international awards:

Matcha LatteOur vegan organic matcha latte powder is the ideal solution for quickly and easily preparing your matcha latte. All you have to do is add the powder to cow's or plant-based milk and froth it with a bamboo whisk or milk frother - your matcha latte is ready!

Match the CapsuleThanks to their easy handling, our vegan organic matcha capsules are the ideal solution for an uncomplicated supply of high-quality Matcha Tea. We consciously avoid any additives, i.e. our organic matcha capsules are a purely natural product without additives and consist of 100% Japanese organic matcha.

Matcha Drinks: Our vegan organic matcha energy drink is the world's first energy drink with natural caffeine made from organic matcha. In terms of taste, the naturally cloudy matcha drink differs from conventional, often very artificial-tasting energy drinks, especially due to its natural and refreshing green tea taste with a fruity mango-citrus note.

Nespresso compatible tea capsules: With just the push of a button you can prepare your matcha with the finest, emerald green foam in seconds, because the matcha caps are suitable for all Nespresso®-compatible machines. Thanks to its aromatic taste, this matcha is also ideal for matcha lattes.