MATCHA X (Cooking & Baking)

5.90 €

MATCHA X (Cooking & Baking)

5.90 €

Inexpensive entry-level quality for cooking & baking

Intense green tea aroma and light green color

Naturally gives food and dishes a typical green tea aroma

Specially developed with a focus on an unbeatable price-performance ratio

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APPLICATION: The perfect ingredient for cooking and baking to give dishes a delicious green tea flavor

BLEND: Experienced tea masters blend the leaves from exclusive tea farms to obtain the desired taste, aroma and color profile. This process also guarantees a consistent taste from year to year

SHADING: Elaborately shaded in two stages (70% shading 25 days before harvest, 95% shading 15 days before harvest) for a high chlorophyll content and mild taste

PICKING: Tea from the autumn picking, which impresses with its strong, bitter aroma and is particularly effective in food and dishes

GRINDING: Finest grinding on special matcha mills

CERTIFICATION: 100% organic from controlled organic cultivation (EU organic certification by organic control body DE-ÖKO-022 and JAS certified (Organic Ordinance Japan))


Since our founding in 2012, we have placed great emphasis on adhering to Japanese virtues such as respect, politeness, honesty and transparency.

Our high-quality organic green teas come exclusively from the world's best tea growing areas in Japan and are certified according to the EU organic regulation. Our long-standing partnerships in Japan all include renowned and award-winning matcha and tea producers, with whom we maintain intensive personal contact.

Sustainability and the greatest possible transparency about ingredients are important to us. The completely comprehensible development path from the tea plant to the end consumer underlines the high standards of our company philosophy. Seven-stage quality control and constant laboratory controls guarantee absolute food safety and outstanding quality.

Matcha for pure enjoyment in 4 quality and taste variations:

Matcha Gourmet: Traditional quality - Intense taste with aromatic, slightly bitter flavor nuances (perfect for mixed drinks such as matcha latte)

Matcha Samurai: Premium quality - slightly bitter flavor nuances with fine bitterness and good umami

Matcha Tenno: Ceremonial Quality - Full-bodied umami with soft and slightly sweet flavor nuances

Matcha Horizon: Ceremonial premium quality - fullest umami without bitterness with lovely flavor nuances

Matcha for baking:

Matcha X: Inexpensive entry-level quality for cooking and baking with an intense green tea aroma

Matcha Zen: High-quality matcha for cooking and baking with an aromatic, slightly bitter green tea taste

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