Matcha- the bright green supermarket from Japan

The bright green superfood Matcha is in all the mouths- but what is Matcha really and what is so special about it? Here you will learn what distinguishes Matcha from other green things!
Was ist Matcha? Eine kleine Einführung rund um das Grünteepulver im Matcha Blog.
Matcha consists of milled green leaves and has a 800-year-old traditionYeah. At that time Matcha was drunk by Buddhist monks during meditation. Today, the world appreciates the beneficial taste of tea. The word "Matcha" is Japanese and means "ground tea".

The tea plant is shaded four weeks before the harvest, so that hardly any sunlight reaches the plants. This "stress" artificially created for the plant stimulates the formation of chlorophyll.

The leaves are harvested once a year and after drying grinded to a very fine powder in special granite millsYeah. One hour of grinding yields about 30g Matcha powder. Unlike regular green tea, where only the infusion of the tea is drunk, the Matcha tea drinks the whole leaf, so to speak, allowing all the nutrients of the tea to be absorbed directly. We therefore attach particular importance to ensuring that all our tea varieties from organic farming It is Matcha, by the way, is not only in tea form, but also as practical Match Capsule to take.

Matcha tea has different quality levels. Generally speaking, the higher the quality, the stronger the green and especially the taste experienceYeah. A lower quality is suitable for the processing of Matcha in food or mixed drinks (e.g. smoothie), while a high quality should be chosen for pure match enjoyment. Visit our Matcha Tee Online Shop and choose your favorite match!

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