Genmaicha Tee

What is Genmaicha tea?

Genmaicha is a type of Japanese tea that comes from green tea and toasted brown rice will be produced. The tea has a light nutty and lslightly roasted flavor and is because of his low caffeine content and its mild taste among many tea drinkers very popular.

Traditional became Genmaicha as Workers' and farmers' drink consumed in Japan. The toasted brown rice was served as cheap filler for the more expensive green tea used. However, today Genmaicha is also used at Tea enthusiasts appreciated in Japan and around the world.



Genmaicha has a unique taste that is a combination of the fresh, grassy note of green tea and roasted, nutty note of brown rice is. The roasted rice gives the tea a characteristic taste, which is often referred to as popcornartig or is described in a slightly grainy manner.

Roasting the rice also brings a lsubtle sweetness that softens the bitter taste of green tea. Overall, Genmaicha is a very more balanced and pleasant tea with a unique note that differs from other green teas.



Preparing Genmaicha is similar to preparing other types of green tea. 2g tea per 100ml hot water (approx. 90 degrees), Ziehzeit 1-1,5min.



Genmaicha consists of two main ingredients: green tea and roasted brown rice. Therefore, it contains many of the same nutrients as green tea, including antioxidants, flavonoids, Vitamins and minerals. He has, in contrast to Sencha less caffeine and is very digestible.

Roasted brown rice, on the other hand, contains some important nutrients like fiber, Magnesium and Vitamins

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