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Frau mit Tasse in der Hand lächelt
Selected green tea – your source for quality and enjoyment

Find out why green tea is praised for its health benefits, how to determine real quality and how the aromatic diversity differs from variety to variety. This clear guide teaches you how to prepare tasty infusions and explains th...

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Bancha Tee

What is Bancha Tea? Bancha is the one on second most (behind Sencha) drunk green tea in Japan. He is considered classic everyday tea. The harvest takes place later than Sencha, which results in older ...

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Kukicha Tee

What is Kukicha tea? Use of stems and leaf veins: Kukicha is made from the stems and leaf veins of the tea bush and not from the leaves themselves. This creates a unique flavor profile and a different composition of ingredi...

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Genmaicha Tee

What is Genmaicha tea? Genmaicha is a type of Japanese tea that comes from green tea and toasted brown rice will be produced. The tea has a light nutty and lslightly roasted flavor...

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Sencha Tee Schale

What is Sencha Tea? Sencha tea is one unusual form of green tea that is mainly grown in Japan. To prepare this unique variety, only the upper leaves and shoot tips are used Freshly harvested in spring, then ...

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