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Matcha Crepes mit Erdbeeren und Schlagsahne | Leckeres Matcha Rezept aus dem Matcha Magic Rezepte Blog
Matcha crepes with strawberries and whipped cream | Matcha recipe

Doesn't this creation look amazing! Wafer-thin crepes with intensive coloring thanks to matcha powder and, as a contrast, the bright red strawberries, embedded in delicious whipped cream. These Matcha Crepes can of course also be made with other fruits. Blueberries and /...

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Matcha Rolle mit Kirschen | Leckeres Rezept aus dem Matcha Magic Rezepte Blog
Matcha roll with cherries | Matcha recipe

Here we show you a great Matcha recipe that you can change as you like, because the recipe could also be called "Matcha roll with strawberries" or "Matcha roll with raspberries". In principle, you can use any fruit of your choice or according to the season.

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Matcha Rührkuchen mit Zitronenguss | Matcha Rezept aus dem Matcha Magic Rezepte Blog
Matcha sponge cake with lemon glaze | Matcha recipe

Why shouldn't your sponge cake look a bit more unusual? If you like drinking matcha tea and like cake, you should definitely try this sponge cake! Especially because of this delicious lemon glaze!

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Matcha Macarons Rezept von Matcha Magic zum selber backen
Matcha Macaron's Recipe

You need something sweet for coffee or tea – but only something small? Try one of our great Matcha recipes and spoil your loved ones with the French specialty Matcha Macaron!

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Matcha Pancake Rezept von Matcha Magic
Matcha Pancake Recipe

A really great and also simple recipe for delicious Matcha Pancakes. Sugar and cinnamon, cane sugar, or maple syrup are simply suitable as toppings. If you want to add a crown to the whole thing, then just before serving, add a ball of the self-madeMehr anzeigen

Matcha Bowl Rezept von Matcha Magic -Lecker Matcha Dessert mit viel gesundem Obst
Matcha bowl recipe

Healthy bowls are all the rage. Try a matcha bowl with delicious fruit now. There are no limits to your creativity!

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Matcha Donuts Rezept
Matcha Donuts Recipe

As neat as in this photo it won't look the same in your kitchen after baking and decorating, but you'll find it's worth trying with matcha baking and making these delicious matcha doughnuts with decoration yourself.

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Matcha Rezept Matcha-Biscuitrolle mit Zitronencreme
Matcha Swiss roll recipe

The aroma of Japanese green tea unfolds during baking and goes very well with the lemon-cream filling, so Matcha is perfect for a Swiss roll. Matcha for baking can of course also be used for another matcha recipe.

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Matcha Eis Rezept zum selber machen von Matcha Magic
Matcha Ice Cream Recipe

Here you can expect another delicious Matcha Magic recipe. In keeping with the summer, we have created a Matcha Ice Cream recipe for you! Try it!

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Matcha Rezept Matcha Cookies
Matcha cookies recipe

These delicious Matcha cookies are not only suitable for Christmas. So if you want to bake something delicious again and don't feel like having cake, then just try these Matcha cookies!

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