Kukicha Tee

What is Kukicha tea?

Use of stems and leaf veins:

Kukicha is made from the stems and leaf veins of the tea bush and not from the leaves themselves. This creates a unique flavor profile and a different composition of ingredients.

Mild taste:

Kukicha tea has a mild, slightly sweet taste. Due to the use of stems, it contains less bitterness compared to other types of tea. Many people find its taste pleasant and refreshing.

Low caffeine content:

Since Kukicha is made primarily from stems, which contain less caffeine than the leaves, the tea has a correspondingly lower caffeine content. This makes it a popular choice for evening tea.

High mineral content:

Kukicha tea contains a number of minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. These minerals contribute to healthy nutrition and support healthy bone structure, heart health and muscle contraction.

Pleasant effect:

Many people appreciate Kukicha tea for its calming and relaxing effects. Although it contains less caffeine, the tea can still gently energize while relieving stress.



Preparing Kukicha is similar to preparing other types of green tea. 2g Tee pro 100ml hot water (approx. 90 degrees), Ziehzeit 1-1,5min. Several infusions are possible.

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