Matcha Ice Cream Recipe

Here you can expect another delicious Matcha Magic recipe. In keeping with the summer, we have created a Matcha Ice Cream recipe for you! Try it!
Matcha Eis Rezept zum selber machen von Matcha Magic
Why not even make Matcha ice cream yourself – and so it succeeds, here a delicious Matcha ice cream recipe.


200 ml whipped cream
50 ml warm water
80 g sugar
2 egg yolks
about 2 teaspoons Matcha Powder

In order to make the taste stand out, we recommend a Cooking or back matcha, which is characterized by its intense taste and gives the dishes a bright green coat.


Put the sugar in a larger bowl and mix with the matcha powder. If the mixture doesn't glow green enough, you can add some matcha powder. You can try until taste and colour are as you imagined the Matcha ice cream. Then add the warm water and beat with the whisp until the whole thing becomes frothy. Note, sugar and matcha should be so connected that there are no more lumps. Next, add the egg yolk and beat vigorously again. The mass should have a nice creamy consistency. Set this bowl aside briefly and beat the cream stiffly in another high bowl. Now carefully lift the cream under the matchamass.

Now the Matcha ice can be put in the ice machine - here it is firm after about 30 minutes - or in a suitable container in the freezer. If you want to go fast, the ice machine is an advantage, in the freezer it takes about three to four hours until the ice is firm.

A few more recommendations for the Matcha Ice Cream recipe

If you want the ice in the freezer to become firmer faster, use a flat shape.

This Matcha ice cream can also be produced without the addition of egg yolks. It should be noted that it may not be as firm in the ice machine as in the proposed recipe. Then simply put the Matcha ice cream in the freezer again.

Of course, you can still spice up the ice cream at will, e.B. with fruit. For example, you can stir this into your Matcha ice cream, for example, but also put it on the finished ice cream cup. But there are no limits to your imagination, try out how to refine the Matcha Ice Recipe!

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