Matcha Latte Recipe

The absolute trend drink par excellence! There is hardly a trendy Café that does not offer it: the Matcha Latte! Here you can find all information and tips on how to prepare it yourself quickly and easily!

Matcha Latte Rezept

Matcha Latte Recipe

It has become the trend drink par excellence in recent months and there is hardly a trendy Café that does not offer it: the Matcha Latte! Actually, the Matcha Latte is quite far from its Japanese Matcha roots. In particular, the United States and Europe, where the coffee to go / coffee house culture is very pronounced, have managed to give the traditional green tea a modern touch and make the drink part of Western culture. make! Not least through the coverage of one or the other Matcha latte Fan from Hollywood, such as Gwyneth Paltrow or Liv Tyler, the hot drink is experiencing a real Boom!

Matcha Latte is basically a variant of Café Latte, just with Matcha powder instead of coffee. However, the Matcha Version is much more varied. Soy, oat, rice, coconut and almond milk are very popular alternatives to cow's milk. The Matcha Latte is therefore also suitable for vegans and people who eat lactose-free. Who once tried a Matcha Latte with almond milk, knows immediately why this is so popular! It tastes good just super delicious! And by the way, it provides you with its valuable ingredients.

Matcha Latte Variants

You wonder which matcha tea to choose for the Matcha Latte? We recommend Matcha X, ZenGourmet. And if you like the matcha Latte a little sweeter, then we still have our Matcha Latte Mix with organic coconut blossom sugar on offer! The mineral-rich coconut blossom sugar has the advantage over normal sugar that it is metabolized more slowly by the body. This avoids the known fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Whether unsweetened, prepared only with matcha powder or as a paver Matcha Latte Mix... try out which variant tastes better! At the same time, of course, you can experiment and create your own favorite Matcha Latte: how about adding some vanilla, cinnamon or honey? Or even as Iced Matcha Latte. There are no limits to the imagination!

Matcha Latte Preparation


Matcha latte recipe by Matcha Magic


In the classic matcha latte preparation only matcha powder and milk is used:

  1. First you warm the milk of your choice, foam it up and then put it in a tall glass.
  2. Then you put one to two teaspoons of matcha powder with some hot (non-boiling) water in a bowl or cup and then beat them with a Matcha broom or milk frother, so that the powder dissolves nicely.
  3. Now pour the matcha tea into the glass with the foamed milk. Matcha tea and milk mix, while the milk foam moves upwards and forms a handsome Crown. Finally, cover with a dollop of milk foam, voilá! Your Matcha Latte is ready!

Matcha latte powder by Matcha Magic

If you like our Matcha Latte Mix preferred, we suggest the following preparation:

  1. Put a heaped teaspoon of Matcha latte Mix (about 7g) in a glass or cup and mix with a little warm water to dissolve the powder well.
  2. Then add about 250ml of cold or warm foamed cow, rice, soy, oat or almond milk. The foaming succeeds best with a Milk Frother.
  3. Finally, you foam up some milk of your choice and add it as a delicious foam crown to the already foamed Matcha latte Mix.

To get the famous latte layers, you can also first pour the foamed milk into the glass and then pour the Matcha latte Mix. Just try and enjoy!

Tip for Experimental: Our Matcha Latte Mix also suitable for preparation with delicious juices or Smoothies!

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